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Eclipse fails to load iReport 1.3.3


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Hello iReport Team,

I am trying to run iReport 1.3.3 inside Rational Software Architect 7.0 (RSA 7.0) on eclipse 3.2

The eclipse envisonment try to opens iReports for a while then quit with a time out message.

It seems that the problem is with IBM JVM.
When trying to load the iReport from the command line using startup.bat it works fine with Sun JVM and fails with the eclipse JVM.

With the following error stack results:



It failed to load com.l2fprod.gui.plaf.skin.Skin class.
Please advise iReport tech people how to progress with this.
How to fix the eclipse plugin with the missing jar.


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The problem is indeed a missing jar.
Attached is the missing jar skinlf.jar.

The jar file is attached as well
Copy this file into iReport lib directory and the eclipse 3.2 plugin will work fine.

I hope iReport team will add this jar file to the lib in next releases.

Good luck
Joy and happiness

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