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Hi All


This is probably a bit of a silly question, but I can't find any real reference to it.


I assume it is possible to access the reports inside JasperServer progromatically?


What I'm thinking is if we used JasperServer as the sole store of all reports for the company, then people can access reports they require through the existing front end. Reports that are for use in application could be held in there also and called from the programs, with parameters being passed. I guess as a side affect those reports if so deired could also be run outwith the application.




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There are many ways to do this.


You can treat JasperServer as purely a server, and have external applications get reports via HTTP and web services requests.


You could extract the report definitions via web services and run them through an external application, in the same way the iReport with the JasperServer plugin can do today.


Access can be controlled by object level security.


Lastly, you could use the base JasperServer APIs (based on Spring) in separate applications and build your own UIs etc.


We have examples of people doing all of this.





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