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problem with a consult


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I need to know if this problem can be solve.


I have a report where i fill it with this consult:


select * from sistema_operativo_equipo_view where Area like $P{REPORTE_AREA} order by Area


it work fine but only get information from one area.


Any idea how can i get information from multiples areas that i desire?

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yes but remember that i need "n" values how can i do to do it from the interface and that the report knows that i ment those variables for example


I have a table and from that table i need report just 3 specific areas, how will the report nows that i just need those variables


i can't start creating multiples variables on the report


so my answer is


how do i make that consult or can i create report variables from the java interface or can i send java statement to the report to execute???

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