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.NET client for Jasper Server Web Services


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Could you please tell me if anyone had had a positive experience with running Jasper reports thtrough Jasper Server web services, using .NET client?


Honestly, I am going to give up. I have tried at least 3 different cases, and not a single one works:


1. Generation of the client by MS VS 2005 wsld.exe.

2. Generation of the client by MS WSE 3.0 as a web client.

3. Generation of the client by MS WSE 3.0 as a SOAP client.


In first 2 cases Jasper Server understands the request, but the client does not understand the response. It expects text/xml response, and receives multipart mime-encoded message.


In the third one, Jasper Server does not understand the request.


Is there any way to do it right, or am I just wasting my time ?


Any hint (and especially in the form of a working sample) will be greatly appreciated.


Equally appreciated will be a negative answer (i.e. DO NOT EVER DO IT. PERIOD.). In this case I will forget about that and will sleep well again.


Thank you,


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JasperServer uses Apache Axis for Web services. .NET wants to use the DIME protocol, which we had not configured in JS open source 1.2.1 and JS Pro 1.2.


In the next release in June, we will have DIME support.





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