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cell splitting in xls


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I have a problem where 2 column cells will split when another column in the row wraps.




I have 4 report templates for this report.


rp1: high level, labels column headers

rp2: has details section for all but 2 columns, calls subreports 2a and 2b for them.


rp2a: fills in details for just one column

rp2b: fills in details for just one column


I rp2a and 2b, I have split set to false for the textfield as well as the stretch to band height option.


I did the same for the subreport calls from rp2. Still no improvement, any ideas what I'm missing?


Attaching report files



[file name=TestPlan_ResultDetails_DEVICENAME.jrxml size=3793]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/files/TestPlan_ResultDetails_DEVICENAME.jrxml[/file]

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As i mention in earlier post, you should make sure the alignment (X and Y) in both master in sub-report is in same axis.


Then both master and sub report should be the same height.


Last, check the band split - make it not allowed in sub report

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Thanks anandharaj,


When you say to make sure they are on the same axis, if I call a subreport for say x=300, y=0, width=100. In the subreport, I have specified x=0,y=0, width=100. I figured the axis is relative to the start yes?


I have already disabled the splitting. Should the stretch options be to tallest object or band height?

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