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I am a jasperserver newbie.

what do i have to do to make the remember me feature working.

i addes this to the login.jsp:

<td><input type="checkbox" name="_acegi_security_remember_me" /></td>


and i have uncommented this in the appliocationContext-security.xml file:

[code] <!--THE-->
<bean id="rememberMeProcessingFilter" class="org.acegisecurity.ui.rememberme.RememberMeProcessingFilter">
<property name="authenticationManager"><ref local="authenticationManager"/></property>
<property name="rememberMeServices"><ref local="rememberMeServices"/></property>

<bean id="rememberMeServices" class="org.acegisecurity.ui.rememberme.TokenBasedRememberMeServices">
<property name="userDetailsService"><ref local="inMemoryDaoImpl"/></property>
<property name="key"><value>springRocks</value></property>

<bean id="rememberMeAuthenticationProvider" class="org.acegisecurity.providers.rememberme.RememberMeAuthenticationProvider">
<property name="key"><value>springRocks</value></property>


When I log in with the checked remember me box a cookie is written but the auto-login doesn't work.


Can you give me any advises what I did wrong respectively what I should do?


thanks in advance


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