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changin authorization


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hi all,


I need some help in changing the type of authorization in JasperReports.

Normally if you get to the startpage of the JasperServer you see a login-Screen where you can insert your username and your password.

What I want is, that the login process should be automatically by a cookie or via url. So the user inserts the jasperserver url and should be automatically redirected to the list of reports based on his role for example without any manual login. I think I have to change the applicationContext-security.xml file. But what do I have to comment or uncomment respectively what do I have tochange?


I hope some can help me?


Thany you very much in advance


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You are right - it is Acegi security you will want to change.


The cookie piece will be "remember me" functionality.


Authentication by URL is HTTP Basic.


Have a look at the excellent Acegi security documentation for how to do this.





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