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How can I show the excel toolbar in my reports ???


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I don't understand about what toolbar are you talking about.

Make a screenshot and show us where do you expect this toolbar to be and what it should do.


When XLS content is delivered to the browser, it is the Excel or other program that gets launched automatically and opens the file that comes from the server. Don't you have a toolbar in that program? (Excel, OpenOffice, etc)




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The first image (IE) is my report in the Broswer. It´s OK, but there is no toolbar then I can´t save the document.


The second image (MS_EXCEL) is my report opened in the MsExcel and it have the toolbar that I need.


how can I show tha toolbar ? [file name=images-7b65700c4e26ed622512afde0074450e.zip size=101081]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/files/images-7b65700c4e26ed622512afde0074450e.zip[/file]

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