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I have problem with the report that I am writing and I don't have any idea what may cause it.

The report that I write has many graphic elements(lines, rectangles ...),many textfields and a subreport.

The subreport is at the end of the page and has 2 textfields after it. I pass List of strings to the subreport. What I try to accomplish is - the page with the graphic element should be printed once and at the end of it I have to enumerate some names(max 99) and to put date after that. I print the names using the subreport that I mentioned above.

The problem is that when the list has ,more than 2 elements the generated pdf file has second page(which is normal) but on the second page are printed all the values of the fields in the report as duplicating the firs page but without the graphic elements and it generates empty page after the whole report. I can't understand why this happens.

If anyone have an idea what the reason for this might be please post some explanation.


Thanks in advance!

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You should set isPrintWhenDetailOverflows="true" for these graphic elements.

It would probably make better sense to put all this infrastructure in the background sections.


The extra white page comes from the summary sections.

Make its height zero or remove it completely from JRXML.


I hope this helps.


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