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Assign version label to report


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What are other developers doing when it comes to helping clients identifying which version of a report they are running? In the past what we have done is manual update a field on the report. We used a combination of the Jasper report file name and a version control number.




File name = report1.jrxml


The label on the report would be






What are others doing?


Has anyone automated the process? One item that we are concerned with is that the sometimes developer forget to update the version in a manual process.

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We do version our reports in SourceSafe.


What I'm taking about is a label that appears on the output of a Jasper Report that is visible to the user. That way when they have an issue with a report they can clearly id which version of a report they are running. It comes in handy when you have multiple clients running mutiple versions of your reports.

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sorry, svenn. i surely didn't get exactly what you had in mind. ;)

what i was thinking of was a way to maybe use some sort of a version identifier value taken from your versioning system that you use to id the "most current version" of the document cleared for deployment, and plug it into the report/form as a string via a parameter or a field. other than that, your guess is as good as mine... maybe even better. :)

Do post the solution to your requirements when you figure it out. I am sure that there are those like me who are interested in doing something similar to what you want to do in the future.

Good Luck!




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