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IE7 URL direct reports diference


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Hi, one comment about IE7 and direct URL report execution:


If you try to execute a report using direct report URL like:


Firefox execute it well and open the pdf file, but IE7 don´t do it.


The Solution I found:


In the Internet security options menu, by default the fourth option of the "Automatization" section is disabled. Enabling it IE7 execute the direct report URL without probelms.


Somebody have experimented someting similar??



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Good Morning, 

I have a problem. 

Should I create a Job with Talend. 

I have read and write Oracle table, but the key field in writing must be produced by a sequence. 

I created ina sequence of Oracle DB. 

I added the reference to the sequence in the advanced settings dell'tOracleOutput. 

I assigned a Numeric.sequence in TMAP. 

When I run the whole thing gives me the error: 

Type mismatch: can not convert from Integer to BigDecimal. 

How can I fix the problem? 

Thank you.

Filo Maur.

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