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Big Report -Is virtualizer a solution or any other


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Hello everyone, I am new to Jasper Reports(using 1.3.1). I am using MySql5.0 as Database. I have a table containing 100,000+ records and i want to show only 50 records per page and scroll with next and previous buttons like that. I tried using JRFileVirtualizer. The JR File Virtualization is sometimes taking more time than the one without using virtualization.

For pagination and reports with hugh volume of records, will Virtualization is the solution or JRDataSource a solution or is there any other way using JDBC row sets. I found the CachedRowSet in rowset.jar, but that will consume very much memory. Can anyone help me out my problem...


Any help is thankful..



Nagasai A

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For large documents, virtualization is the only way. It takes care of minimizing the memory consumed to store the resulting document.

Memory consumed by the data source is another issue and for JDBC data sources it would be the responsibility of the driver to fetch only limited amounts of data at a time.


It is slower when you use virtualization, but let me put it this way to you: you either consume more memory or more time. It depends on what you want to spend: memory or time?

With large documents, time should not be an issue, because nobody would expect a 100.000 records document to pop-up in a second. And even if it did, who would start to read it? It would take them hours just to browse it page by page.


I hope this helps.


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