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Problem with HTML report


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My application is producing reports in HTML and PDF formats in the Websphere container. When viewing the PDF, the report is fine. However, the HTML version has 'missing image' boxes (boxes with red Xs) scattered all through the document. I am not using any images in the report, so I guess these are formatting blocks added by iReports.(?) When unit testing on a JBoss localhost, the HTML report looks fine. I set the resp.setContentType("text/html"), but this did not change anything. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!



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This is because you did not configure the image servlet to deliver the images for the HTML, like shown in the /demo/samples/webapp sample provided with the project.

If you think your reports will never contain images and you don't care about this servlet, then you could generate a form of HTML that does not use images for perfect alignment by setting the IS_USING_IMAGES_TO_ALIGN exporter parameter to Boolean.FALSE, when exporting the report. This means you need to work with a JRHtmlExporter instance directly and not use the export manager.


I hope this helps.


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