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I think I found a bug with sureports ?!

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I think you need to revise your report design.

The page header is a section that is redisplayed on each page. Putting a subreport in the page header could make the page header overflow to the new page where the first thing to do would be to redisplay itself. I think what happens is an infinite loop trying to display the page header that overflows over and over again.

I'm sure what you are trying to do is not this.


I hope this helps.


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Ok, thank you for advise. My subreport actually is pretty simple and shouldn't overflow, it just a set of 4 fields with common data for lots of other reports, it doesn't have repetitive values which can overflow. Subreport details band height is 14px and in Master report subreport container height is 30px, I think it shouldn't overlap with anythings else...
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