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Format does not work in Excel display??


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I have several cells with Oracle.BigDecimal fields that I have set the 'Pattern' to #,##0.00



I was under the impression that I would always get two decimal places in the output, but I do not.



If the number is a whole number, I get no decimal places.


If the number is like 10.50, I get 10.5 (only one decimal place).




What is wrong with this?

Is it a quirk for Excel or is it in Jasper?

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If you are exporting this report to Excel, then I'm willing to bet that Excel is the problem!

Try outputting your report to another format, such as PDF, and have a look at the results. If the numbers are formatted as you originally specified, then the problem is Excel trying to be clever.

The only solution I can find to this annoying behaviour is to export the report to CSV, and then import it into Excel, making sure it treats each column as text.

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