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Conditions in Ireport


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I am new with IReport so I hope that sb can help me.


How is it possible to use conditions in IReport.




I have two parameters. "Param1" is boolean and "Param2" is a String.

Now I only want that the value of Param2 is shown in the report only when Param1 ist true!!! (Sounds very simple ;) )


How can I do this (textfield expression)?


Thx a lot

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Use the IF-ELSE ternary operators:


condition ? statement1 : statement 2



IF condition is true, statement1 is executed

ELSE statement2 is executed.


The statement given by kaunietiss is exactly the way you should interpret the example you gave.

Param1 ? Param2 : ""


The statement above has the same effect as...


[code](Param1 == TRUE) ? Param2 : ""


You normally would use this in Print when expression.

You could also use the statement in the middle of static text or in a text field.

This is very useful as you most likely will need it in many of the reports that you will be making.




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