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Interest in Monitoring JasperIntelligence?


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Hi All,


I've been talking to some folks from Hyperic lately, and the topic of using a system monitoring tool to watch over the Jasper Intelligence server came up. I'm thinking of launching a monitoring project on the forge, and I'd like to get the community's input on a few things:


1) Are you at all interested in having the ability to monitor the server?


2) Do you have a preferred monitoring tool, and if so what technologies (JMX, SNMP, etc) does it support?


3) What aspects of the server do you want to monitor? Some of the obvious ones include memory usage over time, number of reports run, number of pages filled, number of documents produced (possibly with seperate counters for each exporter). What else? How about things like average queue length in the scheduler?


I'm hoping this turns into an active conversation to help define the monitoring capabilities of the server. Given JasperSoft's involvement with the Open Solutions Alliance we might generate an OSA interoperability project out of it.



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This is a good idea.



How about the 'average time-length costed' ?

How about the 'top N reports' which measured in 'costed time-length' and/or 'report times/count' and/or 'total output file size stored in repository (which produced by scheduled report)' and/or ...:lol:

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Hi, This is really a good start for Monitoring the Server.


Besides the common function/features, i would be nice if we can have about the user logging information (wht time? wht they did? frm which IP, etc)


Also ability to send an email to Admin if something is happen to the server (down/slow responding)


That all for now, i would love to see more response on this

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Some good ideas here. It also leads to a split on what we should maintain internally to the server (non-time based data like "top n reports") and time based stuff which should be exposed to the monitoring app, like output size in the repository, scheduler runs, etc.


I want to give the list of statistics that the server should keep some thought. Obvious choices are the "top n reports", "fastest reports", "slowest reports", "slowest queries", etc. Should this information be persisted somewhere, or only maintained since the server last started?


I'd say the email notification should probably be handled by the monitoring app, since they typically have excellent alert notification capabilities.



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