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Java: cannot cast boolean to Boolean


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I'm attempting to format a style to make text bold if a particular field (String) has "S" as a value.


However, the condition



new Boolean($F{myField}.equalsIgnoreCase("S"))



is generating an error for some reason. I see no reason why casting a boolean as a Boolean is a problem.


I'm using iReport 1.3.2.

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If I understand you correctly, you want to display the contents of a text field as bold if (and only if) the contents of the text field is (let's say for the sake of simplicity) "BOLD" - regardless of case... bold... bOlD...BolD... etc

In that case try this:


Create a Parameter named text

View > Parameters then click new

Enter the following:

Parameter name: text

Parameter Class Type: java.lang.String

Check Use as Prompt (for testing)

Default value Expression: "NOT BOLD" (or any value other than our test value which is "BOLD")

Just leave the parameter description empty

Click OK and close the Parameter (Field & Value dialog box)



Right click on the text field then go to Properties > Text Field (tab)

Enter the following ternary expression in the Text Field Expression box:

(new Boolean($P{text}.equalsIgnoreCase("BOLD")) 
? '<style pdfFontName="Times-Bold">' + $P{text} + '</style>'
: $P{text})

Click the Font tab in the properties dialog box

Check Is styled text (for Line 2 of the expression above to work)



By using the Java if-else (ternary) operator above, you control the conditions such that

IF $P{text} is equal to "BOLD" - ignoring case (LINE 1)

THEN Print the contents of $P{text} in boldface (LINE 2)

ELSE Print the contents of $P{text} in normal face (LINE 3)


The style tags in Line 2 are for printing in pdf.

I honestly don't know how it's done in HTML or other output... well at least not yet.

Maybe you could us how when you get to it :)


REMEMBER to check the Is styled text option if you use the style tags above.

I find the style tags good for controlling individual pieces of text in a text field or static text.


Comple - Execute

* For test purposes, if you don;t already have a query expression, just enter SELECT 1 as your report query.



I hope this helps.

Post edited by: edwin, at: 2007/04/12 14:29

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