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Jasperserver 1.2.1 build with postgres


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I built jasperserver 1.2.1 (using postgres as the repository) and I have several issues problems.

Please see the .doc file in the attached zip for all the gory details. Note: I was running fine with an interim version of 1.2.1 that I collaborated with jaspersoft on. (My company has a partnership with jaspersoft). I opened a support issue with jaspersoft but I was also advised to post this issue to the forum. [file name=js121initialbuildprobs.zip size=104509]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/files/js121initialbuildprobs.zip[/file]

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I looked at your doc, and just yesterday another developer here had found and fixed the unit test failure you mentioned:

5. I ran the “mvn clean install†form the jasperserver/jasperserver-unit-test directory and I had one test failure in the TestUserQuery test. I verified that the TestUser was defined in the database (in the jiuser table), so I am not sure what the issue is. I have attached the surefire-reports contents to this issue as a zipfile attachment.

I let him know so he or I can post the fix here.


I don't see the jaspererr.txt that you mentioned in point 9--can you post it?

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In the HibernateAccessTest.java source there is a method called testUserQuery(). It creates a user (TestUser), assigns roles for him and then it reads this user back to make sure it was created. For postgresql find method returns 0 records. The problem is a query buffering that hibernate makes, i.e. when you create an object, INSERT query does not get executed right away. But find relies on what is in DB already. Later on, buffer gets flushed, and you can see the user in db, which is even more confusing.

The fix is:


template.flush();// <-- here
List result = template.find("from RepoUser where username = ?", "TestUser"«»);

It does not happen with MySQL, I have not figured out why..

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As you mentioned that you couldn't see the title/images, please try remove your previous JS cache files from Tomcat.


For unit test, i also encounter same issues, but i ignore it. What i did was, apply the DB patch and replace the JS compiled files (mvn step two) into Tomcat's webapps directory. so far its working fine.


Actually why i build JS 1.2.1, because i need to add the CSV and Text export function.

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