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Hi Gang..



I have a report that the user enters a date for '2007-03-30'... I wish to derive the date n' days before the given date



i.e. 2007-03-30 - 5days = 2007-03-25



Any ideas?

What am I missing?



Thanks in advance.


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Try this in a TEXT FIELD:


Create 2 new parameters - $P{date_entered} & $P{offset}

(View > Parameters > New)

* It may be more convenient to check the Use as Prompt option for parameters where you will be entering test values.


Create a new Text Field.

Right click on the new text field you just created.

Click Properties

In the properties window click the Text Field tab.

Set the following:

Text Field Expression Class: java.util.Date

Evaluation Time: Now

Pattern: yyyy-MM-dd

(I think that is the default so it may not be necessary to enter this format if it's the one you prefer. In case you want a different format, just remember to use "M" for month, not "m", else you'll get the minute value instead of the month).

Text Field Expression: $P{date_entered} + $P{offset}

(I'd recommend that you use addition for flexibility)


The parameter $P{date_entered} is a Date parameter that you create which will allow you to enter the date.

The parameter $P{offset} is an Integer parameter that you also create which will allow you to enter the number of days to offset.

Enter a negative or positive value for $P{offset} depending on your requirements. (This is the reason why I recommend using addition in your equation above)


Experiment different settings and discover the best opitons for your requirements.

... I hope this helps.




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I'll give it a lick and see what happens!



UPDATE: LOL... :whistle:



Well I'm sure I tried something like that before I asked the question... However, whatever I tried before didn't work... BUT what you outline above DOES WORK...



Many Thanks.



One other question while I'm here: How would I convert a String parameter '2007-4-6' to a Date...??

new java.util.Date('2007-4-6') doesn't work :(





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