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linux jasperserver install with existing mysql db


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Hello - I'm looking to install jasperserver 1.2.1 on a linux host that already has mysql installed on it. I'm hesitant to proceed with the install because I don't kno w how it will react to that. I have many active dbs on the host and don't want to disturb them.


Will the jasperserver linux install detect an existing mysql db? Should I be concerned that it would erase my existing installation and databases?


Thanks in advance,



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Chris, there are two main ways to install JasperServer. One is using the installer executable and the other is using the manual steps from the "stand alone" war file binary distribution.


Actually, the JS 1.2.1 installers are not quite released yet (coming soon!). So, perhaps this makes your choice easier ;-).


If you pull down the jasperserver-1.2.1-bin.zip you will find manual installation instructions in the docs directory. Look for the jasperserver-warfile-install-guide.pdf. In this distribution, there is a jasperserver.war file which is the JS application. In addition, you will find a scripts directory. In this directory there are database scripts which will create the databases the JS needs under MySQL (and PostgreSQL). So, you can create new databases by hand into your existing mysql server and then populate these databases with the included scripts.



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I'am looking for jasperserver-x.x.x-linux-installer.bin, but i can't find it.... I tried to install with jasperserver-1.2.1-bin.zip... war file, but and error occurs, catalinaxxx.log sends ListerStat Error, and I don't know what is it...Help!!!

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