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Subreports and groups


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I´m working with iReports. I have one master Report, this report use two subreports. This subreports have their own group. Ok.. the question is.. How can i fix the details band??? o how can i show a determinate number of records pero page?... I was trying with a rowcount in my select statement.. but i can´t... Help me pls.. :( For example: i have 28 records, but the master report show me the 28 records of the 1st subreport and only 6 of the second subreport... i need that the master report show me 15 records of each subreport... and the other records could be show in a new page...

Thanks again..

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I can solve my problem... well, not at all... But, I have a new problem I have two subreports. and it just show me the first subreport in the first page and the other one show me in another page... and i need that they could be show in the same page with the same number of records (this part I could solve) =) ... pls help me..!!!! I need to resolve this soon...
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I have good news for you.. I can solve my problem.. So, i'm going to share my solution with you.


I had to show two subreports, that show me 15 records per page of each one.

First, I create a group in the subreport, in the group expression I define this:


new Boolean($V{dec2_COUNT}.equals(new Integer(20)))

//where dec2_count is the variable that the ireport create for a group..


then i put both subreports in the detail band, with the width and height of one pixel each one.. =) all that's all.. in the first subreport you have to select "fix to the top" and in the second report you select "float".

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I am thinking that asking for the examples reference from a post back in April of 2007 (4 years ago) isn't going to do you much good, not even sure if that user is even still around.


Please explain what type of report or issue you are having and someone will most likely pipe in and provide assistance.

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There are many posts on the forum dealing with how to create subreports and use data sources .  Without repeating what has been posted so many times (personally myself) will say do a search on the forum for subreports and/or datasources and review the information,  I am sure you can find what you are looking for.


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