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I'm also looking for this, special for an Arial font that I need for some arabic texts in a pdf file.


I've found this in an old message from this forum:

"1- Look to the demo/smaples/unicode folder of the jasperreports distribution project

2- Use the same encoding for the static and field texts as the UnicodeReports.jrxml file.

ex:<font fontName="Arial" pdfFontName="ARIAL.TTF" size="22" isPdfEmbedded ="true" pdfEncoding ="Identity-H"/>

3- Copy the fonts used by this demo (demo/fonts) into your application classpath."


But where are those "demo/smaples/unicode" ?


Best regards,

Eugen Predescu


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The samples folder is in the jasperreports file, not in the ireports file.

For example,in my case I have the file in:


That means that have to download JasperReports (if you don't have it yet) and you will obtain the samples file.

I hope this helps.




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