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Thread interruption problem


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sorry am posting it again here, i have posted this already by mistake in the ireport section.


sometimes when my jasper report takes a while to generate, i get the following error,

net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRException: The report filling thread was interrupted.


looking at my logs, I have noticed that I usually get an event just before the report fails with the above exception.


what is the work around this. has anybody experienced this too. please help.


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Without knowing what type of application you are talking about it is hard to help you, but I will try to speculate....


- if you are running this off a web application, it is possible that your web server/client is timing out; you may need to implement some kind of offline processing, where the report is created and made available to the user at a later time.


- if you are running a stand alone application, your application may be timing out as well. You could launch a separate thread and let it run its course.


I could be wrong about this, and if I am surely Lucian will correct me, but I don't think the filling process will time out by itself unless you interrupt it. It doesn't like you are running out of memory or that you've reached an infinite loop.


Hope this helps,


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