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How to use PostgreSQL


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I installed iReports from iReport-1.3.1-windows-installer.exe in windows xp.


I saved postgresql-8.2-504.jdbc4.jar file from postgresql.org to C:Program FilesJasperSoftiReport-1.3.1lib



In iReports connection properties I specified:


Type of Connection/Data Source: Database JDBC connection


JDBC driver: postgresql-8.2-504.jdbc4.jar


JDBC url: jdbc://localhost:5432/mydb



Clicking Test button causes error



This class may not have found: postgresql-8.2-504.jdbc4.jar



Any ida hot to use PostgreSQL with iReport ?



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I selected this driver but clicking Test button causes erorr



Msg: org.postgresql.Driver

This class may not have been found: org.postgresql.Driver


Check your classpath.



I'm new to java.

What I'm doing wrong ?

How to force it to use the postgresql-8.2-504.jdbc4.jar or any other free Postgres driver ?

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org.postgresql.Driver can be found in that jar - jar name != driver name.


If the file is in your iReportlib folder, it doesn't have to be on the classpath - allthough it doesn't hurt.


Change your url to:


Post edited by: schaibaa, at: 2007/03/15 14:01

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I changed "JDBC URL" field in Connection Properties to




but clicking test button still shows ClassNotFoundError


postgresql-8.2-504.jdbc4.jar file is specified in classpath and copied to iReport lib directory.


What I'm doing wrong ?

Post edited by: kobruleht, at: 2007/03/15 19:14

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