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how to use report wizard in iReport


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Hi; I am using iReport 1.3.1 and trying to create a report using report weizard but i ma not able to select Report Wizard in the file drop down ,Please guide me how to use report wizard in iReport1.3.1


Thanks in advance

[file name=Doc3-e1bfb82f27d4346e3eb840821e9c56cd.doc size=121856]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/files/Doc3-e1bfb82f27d4346e3eb840821e9c56cd.doc[/file]

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I can't seem to get the report wizard to work in 1.3.1 either. Whether I click the tool button ("New Report") or select it from the File menu ("Report Wizard") nothing happens. I've tried restarting it several times and simply nothing happens at all. Anyone else get this?
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I too am experiencing the exact issue where I cannot get the IReport Wizard to run. Nothing happens. Also under the Plugin when I "Check for IReport Updates" nothing happens as well. Anyone else having this issue as well?
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what is the procedure u followed to install the Ireport ..They are 3ways you can do it and the easiest way would be using an .exe ..YOu must be missing out some thing..Let me know how u did it and whether any thing missing during installation ..




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Apparently v1.3.1 report wizard has issues whereas all the other versions that i downloaded and tried worked perfectly...now i am using v1.3.3...i'll recommend doing the same to others experiencing similar problems i faced



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