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Virtualizer and multi users


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I make some load tests on jasperreport 1.3.0 using the virtualizer in a web application (Websphere)

when we run more than 20 users in parallel making the same request : generating a pdf report with the virtualizer, we see on was logs that many threads are created, and then a timeout error and problems of datasource connections occurs.


we run on a websphere server 5.1.

Did you already hear about problems using virtualizer ?




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Strangely, I made new load test(pdf and rtf format), and all was ok. But I notice some differences between jr1.20 et jr1.3.0 about the virtualizer.

When I've made load test with jr1.2.0, the cpu consumption was better with virtualizer than without it, but the response time was longer.


With jr1.3.0, the consumption of cpu is still better using virtualizer, but the response time is also better!


i made test about reports with 70 and 350 pages, simulating 10,50 and 100 simultaneous users making the same request.

Could you confirm me that Virtualizer has been improved on those 2 points :cpu consumtion and response time?


another question : what happens if we use virtualizer and the reports is in fact shorter than the parameter of the firualizer (exemeple, a report of 50 pages with a parameter to 60).





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There have been a number of changes/fixes/improvements related to virtualization since 1.2.0, so it's explainable why it doesn't perform the same.


Regarding your second question: if a report has fewer pages than the virtualizer threshold, then all the pages will be kept in memory. However, this scenario is not equivalent to not using a virtualizer since several actions are performed in order to insure that the pages are prepared for virtualization.




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