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Load Testing of JasperServer?


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Just curious what others have done in the way of load tests for JasperServer. I am evaluating it for use in an enterprise environment where large-scale reporting would be the norm. Wondering what others have found in the way of their own tests and any tips they have for optimizing reports run through jasperserver.




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As part of the Jasper4Salesforce development, which is based on JasperServer OS, we created a test suite using JMeter to load test the system and see load balancing under JBoss with both pinned and clustered sessions.


In terms of generating reports, the bottleneck is always the speed of data access. Normally, the JasperReports engine adds little overhead. Crosstab reports can be heavy on memory, as they do the bucketing as they go. One thing to watch is the JasperPrint object that is generated and held in the user session.





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Hey Sherman,


Thanks for the input. I raised my server memory to 1024MB and am running a lot more reports successfully now. My latest test was a 3000 page report, with 20 variables for calculations being reset every 3-4 pages. I managed to run it at the same time for 1 times via. the scheduler, 1 time from a webservice call and 1 time from manual call.




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