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Scrambled result if t1 font not installed

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By: Zsolt Berentey - zberentey

Scrambled result if t1 font not installed

2003-03-22 03:07



I have encountered a strange behavior. I use a type 1 font for creating the header of my report. It is set to be embedded into the pdf doc. If the font is installed on the system everything works OK. If however it is not (or I mistype the fontName attribute) The text goes lower and the leading is increased, etc. All in all, it gets scrambled like this:


Installed font not installed



---------- --X-X-X--


Does anybody have any ideas?







By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Scrambled result if t1 font not installed

2003-03-22 05:03




Having the font installed on the system is a MUST

for JasperReports to be able to use it.

The "fontName" attribute makes reference

to an installed font.

The "pdfFontName", "pdfEncoding" and "isPdfEmbedded" attributes

are used only when exporting to PDF.

But the layout is made based on the value of the

"fontName" attribute and if that font is not installed

the engine will use some default font and all the

layout is wrong.


I hope this helps.


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