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String variable please help


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I need having a variable one string where to hang various fields.


This operation in Crystal Report came then made declaring a field of Stringvar type and hanging gradually the necessary fields.


Practically I have need to carry out of the operations type $V{variable} = $V{variable} + $F{field} under various conditions.


Unfortunately me it seems to have understood that this is not possible in iReport therefore is to ask like being able to make. Thanks

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Walmillard, mau72 is after string concatenation.


Mau72 you concatenate strings exactly as you have described ( $V{variable} = $V{variable} + $F{field} ), however you can't 'cycle through' the fields. What you would need to do is more like this:



$V{variable} = $F{field1} + $F{field2} + $F{field3} etc.



If field2 was (say) an Integer you would have to perform an inline cast to String like this:



$V{variable} = $F{field1} + $F{field2}.toString() + $F{field3} etc.

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