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Charts/Graphs for large dataset


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I searched the forums regarding this, but didn't find any info. My problem is simple: The size of my SQL query result-set runs into hundreds of rows, thereby spanning multiple pages. In the summary of the report, I have pie chart and bar graphs for the data. With so many rows, the rendering of the graph gets meaningless as too much info is crammed into too less a space. For example, in the pie chart the labels overlap with each other and in the bar graph, the X-axis labels become tiny tots and there are too many bars to fit.

Is there a way to show the data on the graphs in a better way? Like splitting the (bar) graphs, for example? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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I don't think there is a pure technical solution for this problem. I mean, there is no simple flag to indicate that the chart should be split.

It is more about you reconsidering the design of your chart. If the chart contains too much data, it would be difficult to understand for the people who see it, no matter if you break it into several pages.


So you have to design an overall document which aggregates this data you display even more, and ends up with simple charts which are easier to understand.

Charts displaying too many items means they do not accomplish their main purpose which is to make a synthesis/aggregation of the raw data.


I hope this helps.


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Thanks teodor...I understand that I need to aggregate the data more in order for graphs to be compact. The problem is the result set will still be huge after grouping, in my case. How about the following strategies...will they work?


(a) I have multiple <queryExpression>'s in my jrxml. Lets say I have 5 queries..one SQL query returns the entire result set, while the other 4 return limited data (using SQL limit clause). I use the first query for the tabular data in the details band, and use others for 4 graphs...ie. one query for each graph, thereby splitting the graphs. [Cons: Dividing dataset into 4 parts is still static; each can be still 1000 rows long]


(b) I set 'Reset type' for the graph to be 'Page'. Will this create new graph for every page? How about 'Increment type'?



- Mitesh

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