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RTF Image Quality - GIF / PNG


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I have the same problem: my images appear distorted in RTF and XLS. Please, could someone tell me if there is a way to turn off an intermediate image compression that happens somewhere during RTF exporting?

Also is there a way to specify which format ImageServlet returns images in? Or any parameters that affect quality of images when exporing in HTML, RTF, XLS ? I would greatly appreciate any reply, even if it is to confirm there is no such parameters.





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The graphic looks better in PDF because it is not drawn as an image, but rather is rendered directly in the PDF context as a series of vectors. You could zoom in very deep and you would still see very accurate lines there.

In RTF, we need to produce an image out of the graph and no matter how good we are at choosing the image encoder and stuff (PNG images work better than JPG for graphics), that image still has a given resolution. If you zoom too deep in RTF, you will see it is made out of individual pixels.


Others suggested we increase the resolution of the images in RTF, but I'm sure they would not be happy with huge RTF files due to the big images that would result.




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