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recursive compiling of reports


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Hey CoDeRs,


I have an tree of subreports and masterreports.


When I compiled and file the highest masterreport, all other reports must compile first, ok.


But is it possible to compile all other before, without compile explict...


I think like this:


JasperReport report =JasperRecursiveCompileManager.compileReport("jasper/Master.jrxml");


or must I explicit compile the subreport at lowest and then go higher and higher ?


Thanks for reading

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Isn't it completly regardless which report is compiled first and which last?


The masterreport doesn't need any subreport when just compiling.


The main thing is, that at filltime all subreports are present via filesystem/classpath or perhaps parameter or whatever.




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ok, I have described it wrong.


I want to compile and fill recursive.

Is it possible with only one function call or respectively two ( one for compile and one for fill ).


Must my application know which subreport are parts of my masterreport and which subreport are parts of this subreport(s)?


Then I must have a config-data to know which filles I must compile ?

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