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Help about HTML size (exporter)


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Hi guys,


Im working with JasperReports using iReports 1.2.4.

My project demands a Web application that will show HTML reports generated by JasperReports.


Its all working, the crosstabs and such, but I have one problem.


These reports aren't destinated for printing, just to show on screen. The thing is that Im using crosstab on all of em, and I will never know the size of the crosstab cos it depends on the size of the search the user will request on the data base.


Then, when the search is huge, the column number is huge too, and the crosstab splits into a lot cos its limited by the report width that carries into exported html width. That has an ugly effect and its not accepted by our client. If the search is huge, we need a HTML that will fit it, no mather the size, and the scrollbar will do the job.


Does anyone knows how to solve this? Is there any parameter I can set on the JRHtmlExporter class?


Thanks a lot!

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I guess we could do something about it, but it would require some work.

We could have a built-in parameter to signal the rendering engine that it should ignore the page width, just like we have the IS_IGNORE_PAGINATION for ignoring page height.

Then, the HTML exporter should also have a similar parameter so that it ignores page width and renders all the elements on a page, even if they go beyond the right margin.


If you think you need this, you could post a request for enhancement and we'll see when we'll be able to take care of it given our current priorities. Or, you could even try to come up with a patch.


I hope this helps.


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Hi Teodord,


I was talking with my boss and we really need this for our project, We need to generate HTMLs without fixed width :(


I really need this badly, so, how can I post a request for enchancement about this?


Thanks a lot!


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Hi Teodor,


Have you added the ability ignore the page width when exporting to HTML. I saw that this reply was from 1 year ago. One of the developers at my company is having this issue. The PDF looks great. but the html export only spans 50% of the browser in internet explorer 7.x





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