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XML-Datasource in Subreport


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Hi guys,


I have posted in iReport forum, but I think its a generally problem from Jasperreports.


I have an XML-Datasource in a Jasperreport it works fine, but when I inserted this report to an other report as an subreport it was empty and I get a warning:



1286293 [mv_atos_part subreport filler] WARN query.JRXPathQueryExecuter - The supplied org.w3c.dom.Document object is null.


The parentreport has the same Datasource and the normally fields are corect filled.



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When you embed the report as a subreport into another master report, make sure that you pass the XML document as a parameter to the subreport.

I assume you use the PARAMETER_XML_DATA_DOCUMENT parameter so you should make sure you pass this to the subreport using a <subreportParameter> tag.


I hope this helps.


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thank you for trying to help me.

I use this parameter:




This is the default, when I insert the subreport with iReport.


With XML_DATA_Document as Subreport datasource expression it doesnt works, too.


Maybe you can show me a very small example, that works, it will say more than 1000 words, I hope you can spend a few minute, I am very hopelessly.



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