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JasperReports requirements


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I'm currently upgrading from JasperReports 1.1.1 to 1.3.0. Is this the requirements for JasperReports 1.3.0?




Is this all that is needed (to run PDF, Excel, CSV, TXT and HTML reports)? Also I wondered if Common Javaflow is required. I downloaded iReport 1.3.0 and can't find reference to Javaflow there. Neither do I see it as a dependency in the Maven2 pom for 1.3.0 on Ibiblio.

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are you sure you mean jasper reports 1.1.1? as i know its Jasper Intelligence 1.1.1 (newer version).


I am not sure about java flow? but am sure its not a dependency.

you can use maven if you want to build JI from source.


sorry, your requirement is not clear for me as i couldnt access the url youve specified.



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The requirements indicated there are correct.

And JavaFlow is not required if you don't want to use JavaFlow continuations to fill subreports. It is disabled by default, so JavaFlow is not required by default.

You need iText for PDF export and POI or JExcelApi for XLS export, depending on which of the two exporters you like. Neither of these libraries are absolute requirements, because if you do not export to PDF, then you don't need iText and so forth.


I hope this helps.


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