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Question for current users

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By: Hani Naguib - haninaguib

Question for current users

2002-12-28 07:00

Hi, I am thinking of using Jasper on some of my companies projects. I downloaded it a couple of days ago to have a look.


I have been able to create some simple reports with relative ease. But I have two questions:


1- Is Jasper currently in a state where I can depend on it? I mean I will be writting the code for

reports, but I will not be designing them, so when

I get a new report I need to know that Jasper will be

able to handle it. Is there anything currently that

Jasper cannot handle?


2- Is the additional documentation (the one we can buy) good? I found the current documentation a bit lacking especially the API docs.





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Question for current users

2002-12-29 23:50




1) JasperReports does not currently produce

crosstab reports.


Also, other users expressed their desire to have

complete control over element formatting using

either expressions for color and font settings or

as I have suggested, using scriptlets.

But the big problem with this is that runtime

element formatting will produce huge documents.

The idea is not yet abandoned.


2) I think you already have the answer for this.


Thank you,





By: Mark Rhodes - mrhodes2

RE: Question for current users

2002-12-30 22:08

1- while I'm not in production I hope to be so within 30 days. I'll have over 300 users getting reports on a daily basis. So far I haven't found anything Jasper reports can't handle. I use iReports to develop XML files.


2 - yes. Also print the XML file for the firstjasper report from the website. I use this a lot to see how the report was created.

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