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How to Column Break?


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Hi All,

I'm wanting to effect a column break when the variable $V{COLUMN_COUNT}.intValue() == 5.

Seems simple, but I'm making a mess of it!

I'm running iReport 1.3.0.

I've tried the new page break feature. Tried editing the xml file to change it to Column Break.

Tried to effect change by creating a group and ticking Start on New Column.


Any advice appreciated.




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Sorry Guys, I can't recall how I got this working. I suspect that I may have done it via setting up a group, ticking New column and having a valid piece of code behind it. Do you have the iReport manual and the Ulimate Guide? My personal opinion is you are severely limited without it.
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Hi Mike,


I haven't got the manual or the ultimate guide. My biggest problem is that I can not seem to get the column break working the way I want it to. It keeps on giving a page break instead of a column break (I even changed the break in the XML to type Column).


Do you still know how you fixed the column break?


Kind regards,


Sander Moelands

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