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Hi all,


I am new to Jasper and have a few questions,

what's the differences between Jasper Server and JasperIntelligence?


I am running a J2EE application and i need a external reporting server to generate reports.Can anyone tell me which product should i look for?

Thanks in advance for ur reply.




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This is really just a branding issue. The original product was JasperServer. Then as we added in some enhanced BI Analysis features the server was branded as JasperIntelligence. So, if you simply want to get the latest server, you will want to download JasperIntelligence 1.1.


The good news is that the branding is returning to the original naming (less confusing!) of JasperServer. There is a release due out at the end of January which will be JasperServer 1.2.


Hope that helps.



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