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Could I make a report from some jrxml files?


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i'm a newbie to JasperReports and I'm trying to

solve this problem.

I could make 1 page report from 1 .jrxml design file,

but now I want to make a report of several pages from

several .jrxml design files(1 page each).

I've tried to compile design files one by one and print

them to browser in type of application/pdf but the

result is still 1 page report with uncontrolable view.

Anyone have any ideas to help me solve this problem?


Thank you in advance.

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first of all, you can create a more pages report with

one jrxml file.


It is like that


1. create a .jrxml file (with iReport or by hand)

2. compile it to a jasper file

3. if you fill it with parameters/dataSources

you will get a jrprint file out.

4. From jrprint you can make pdf and other formats


If you add a table to the report and then hand over

a DataSource from which to fill the table and if then

the table is too long to fit one page, a second

(third..) page will be added.




If you dont have content for the report that grows

down (like a table), the only way (i ve seen so far) to create a second page, is to create a second

report and merge them together in a batch process.





I hope that will help you a bit

(Iam also still figuring out about JasperReports)





* There is a big sample project with demo source

which is really worth checking it out.

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