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  1. Hello, I wrote a Java-application that generates Reports using JasperReports and iReport. Now the user has to handle (install, maintain) a lot of applications (my application, iReport, ... some more). I want to simplify that a bit and let him install all these applications in one step. Therefor I want to include iReport into my application (of course, I will presereve references to original creators, including the iReport start screen). Is there a way to include (the installation and start of) iReport into my java applicatio and how? Thank you in advance Yves
  2. Hi, iam also searching for such an example. I want to print a small greek epsilon in a static textfield Yves
  3. Hi, iam also searching for such an example. I want to print a small greek epsilon in a static textfield Yves
  4. Oh, i forgot to say, that i used the Software iReport. Yves
  5. Oh, i forgot to say, that i used the Software iReport. Yves Post edited by: Congor, at: 2007/01/25 09:04
  6. I solved the problem. First i made a master-report (like in the example which is called "subreport of the project) then i made a Subreport and a SubSubreport in the masterReport i used the column header and detail for the first table. And inserted the subreport into the summary band! (Cause i made tests with the overflow behaviour of all the bands, with the result that just detail and summary support overflow in proper way, the other bands not!) The second Table i added to the columnHeader and detail band of the Subreport. I added the SubSubreport into the summary band of this Subreport as i did before with the masterReport. And the third table into the SubSubreport, again in column header and detail band. All of these reports use the Report_Connection of the master report therefore, i had to define parameters for all DataSources and Sub- and SubSubreports in the Masterreport (execpt its own datasource, cause it is automatically handed over as the REPORT_DATASOURCE Parameter when calling fillToReport(..,masterReportDataSource) in Java). I ended up havin following -Parameters- in the masterReport: Subreport (of class JasperReport) SubSubreport (of class JasperReport) SubreportDataSource (of class JRDataSource) SubSubreportDataSource (of class JRDataSource) and in the Subreport: SubSubreport (of class JasperReport) SubSubreportDataSource (of class JRDataSource) Then i configurated (in the master report)the subreport properties as follows: 1. it uses the SubReportDataSource (defined before as parameter) as its datasource. 2. it is the Subreport that will be handed over as the subreport parameter(in "subreport expression") of class net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JasperReport. 3. it TAKES the SubSubreportDataSource and the SubSubreport (both defined as parameter) as Parameters. (in "subreport parameters"). Then i configurated the SubSubreport in the -summary band of the subreport- just as before for the subreport in the masterreport except that i now used the SubSubreport and the SubSubreportDataSource. Of course, in Java we have to hand over all DataSources and sub(sub)reports in the parameters map of the master report just as normal parameters. parameters.put("Subreport", mySubreport); parameters.put("SubreportDataSource", mySubreportDataSource); parameters.put("SubSubreport", mySubSubreport); parameters.put("SubSubreportDataSource", mySubSubreportDataSource); Where: mySubreport.class == JasperReport mySubreportDataSource.class == JRDataSource "Subreport", "SubreportDataSource" are the names of the -Parameters- in the masterReport as i said before. Hope anyone can use this. Yves Post edited by: Congor, at: 2007/01/25 09:03
  7. Thank you, i got it, I added a "Print When" expression for the whole detail band: Code: (($F{Remark} == null || $F{Remark}.equals(""«») || $F{Remark}.equals("''"«»)) ? Boolean.FALSE : Boolean.TRUE)
  8. Got it, for all searching (i dont know if there is anybody :-) but... Textfields are growing 1. if they are in a band that supports overflowing properly (detail, summary) 2. If the Property "isStrechWithOverflow" is set: <textField isStretchWithOverflow="true" isBlankWhenNull="false" evaluationTime="Now" hyperlinkType="None" hyperlinkTarget="Self" > Yves
  9. Hi, ive got a subreport which has a repeating detail band for table data. Ive put a print when expression to that detail band that says Code:(($F{Remark} != null && ${Remark} != ""«») ? Boolean.TRUE : Boolean.FALSE If there is no remark and it is not an empty string print this row of the table, right? But this doesnt work, the empty row got always printed. Does anybody know whats wrong? Or how to say: Dont print a table row if it is empty! Thank in advance Yves
  10. Hi, ive to add 3 Tables one below the other in one report, is that possible? i dont know in which band to put them. i would really appreciate your help Yves
  11. Hi, first of all, you can create a more pages report with one jrxml file. It is like that 1. create a .jrxml file (with iReport or by hand) 2. compile it to a jasper file 3. if you fill it with parameters/dataSources you will get a jrprint file out. 4. From jrprint you can make pdf and other formats If you add a table to the report and then hand over a DataSource from which to fill the table and if then the table is too long to fit one page, a second (third..) page will be added. *(jasperreports-1.3.0demosamplestables) If you dont have content for the report that grows down (like a table), the only way (i ve seen so far) to create a second page, is to create a second report and merge them together in a batch process. *(jasperreports-1.3.0demosamplesbatchexport) I hope that will help you a bit (Iam also still figuring out about JasperReports) Yves * There is a big sample project with demo source which is really worth checking it out.
  12. Hi, i want to insert a textfield that can grow down. That is cause I have to insert a text which has an undeterminable number of rows. Therefore it can be from zero rows to 100. I dont want to reserve exactly space for 100 rows, cause there would be a big space if that text is empty. I appreciate ur help Thanks in advance Yves
  13. And here is the picture size=399]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/images/lonelyHeadline.png
  14. Hi, ive got a report that includes a table of data. Above this table is another table with no determinable height. So i ended up having the first page with just the headline of the second table (like in the picture). Is there a way to bound the pageHeader to the detailBand? Or can we configurate the report that the pageHeader of the table just shows up just if there is table data on the page. So all I want is to get rid of the lonely headline. Thanks in advance Yves
  15. Ok, got it again. For all searching sucha a solution: The TableModel Interface (not JRTableModelDataSource) defines a function: String getColumnName(int columnIndex) which returns the name of the column specified with the index. All one has to do is to check, which names are returned by this function. In my case it were 1. "Name [de]" 2. "Name [en]" So in iReport i created two Fields (-in the library-) and called them Name[de] and Name[en]. Then i assigned the values $F{Name [de]} to the first TextField $F{Name [en]} to the 2nd TextField (In fact into the "Text Field Expression" of my TextFields) Hope, that this will help anyone Greets Yves
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