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Growing Textfield


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Hi, i want to insert a textfield that can grow down.


That is cause I have to insert a text which has an

undeterminable number of rows. Therefore it can be from

zero rows to 100.


I dont want to reserve exactly space for 100 rows, cause

there would be a big space if that text is empty.


I appreciate ur help


Thanks in advance


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Got it,


for all searching (i dont know if there is anybody

:-) but...


Textfields are growing


1. if they are in a band that supports overflowing

properly (detail, summary)


2. If the Property "isStrechWithOverflow" is set:


<textField isStretchWithOverflow="true"
isBlankWhenNull="false" evaluationTime="Now"
hyperlinkType="None" hyperlinkTarget="Self" >



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