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Subreport hanging problem

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By: Dan Peery - sfpeery

Subreport hanging problem

2002-12-22 11:35

Please help.


I have one master report and 2 subreports. The entire master report and 1st subreport is in the title area. This works as expected.


When I add the 3rd subreport to the summary area of the master report -- the report hangs at runtime with 100% cpu.


The master report and 2 subreports use the the same 1 record collection passed as a datasource or a parameter as a new JRBeanCollectionDataSource() each.


It appears that I have a problem with height and width settings in the master reports summary area and the summary areas subreport which causes the hanging problem.


I am not receiving any warnings at report compile time.




By: Dan Peery - sfpeery

RE: Subreport hanging problem

2002-12-22 11:56

To answer my own problem:


In the 3rd subreport I set all margins to 0, and made sure page height and width fit into the master reports page height and width. Now the report is not hanging and is displaying as expected.


Feel free to add technical info to this explanation.

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