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How to set up a Table from a TableModel ???


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ive got a huge problem and would really appreciate

any help from you.


i just created a JRTableModelDataSource from a

real TableModel


I also know how to make tables in iReport.


The problem is, that i dont know what I have to write

into the


"Text Field Expression" Field to get the values out of my TableModel.


In the demo/samples/tables example are only string constants.


I get already an output consisting of exactly 13 rows, as my tableModel delivers but they are set to null, cause i dont know what to write into Text Field Expression.





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Ok, got it again. For all searching sucha a solution:


The TableModel Interface (not JRTableModelDataSource) defines a function:


String getColumnName(int columnIndex)


which returns the name of the column specified with

the index.


All one has to do is to check, which names are returned by this function. In my case it were


1. "Name [de]"

2. "Name [en]"


So in iReport i created two Fields (-in the library-) and called them Name[de] and Name[en].


Then i assigned the values


$F{Name [de]} to the first TextField

$F{Name [en]} to the 2nd TextField


(In fact into the "Text Field Expression"

of my TextFields)


Hope, that this will help anyone




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