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maximum open cursors exceeded

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By: Pinkal Shukla - pinkal

maximum open cursors exceeded

2002-12-19 06:32

i am getting this ettor what changes should i do in my report javafile or xmlfile


please let me know in detail


Thanks in advance





By: Martin Phee - mphee

RE: maximum open cursors exceeded

2002-12-19 07:18


Change the constructor to public.

Change executeQuery( Connection conn) to public.

Add a private PreparedStatement variable and change executeQuery to use it.

Add a finialize method and close the PreparedStatement in it.



Around line 350 remove the lines that get the ResultsSet.

Add a line that creates a new JRQueryExecuter passing it the paramaters from the line you commented out except for the Connection.

Add a line which calls executeQuery(Connection conn).


I also added a line after the rs.close() setting the JRQueryExecuter to null.


This seems to have solved the problem for me. We have run hundreds of reports now with no problems.





By: Pinkal Shukla - pinkal

RE: maximum open cursors exceeded

2002-12-19 07:26

i am changing the original source file and tell me in detail about the finalize method should i add new finalize method and is there any otherway so the source is not changed


please let me know


thanks a lot

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