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Hi ,


I have three problems with JasperReports,


1.) I have a problem with special characters ( example the german) "ä" when I exported my report into a RTF-File. When I use iReport to export there are no problems.


2.) Can I stretch text field in width and not in height when the data is bigger than the size.


3.) Can I make a structuring in my Report, like 1.), 2.) etc.





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In order to get better answers, please post each question in its own thread and avoid putting several questions in the same thread. This makes it harder to track and search.


1) What version of JR/iR are you using?


2) It is not possible. Only element height is affected by stretch.


3) I don't understand what you mean.


Thank you,


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sorry, the next time I will open a thread only for a problem.


1.) I use iReport 1.3.0 and Jasperreports 1.2.2


2.) Ok I have an other solution for my problem.


3.) I want to have a Report like this:




1.) <subreportA/>

2.) <subreportB/>

3.) <subreportC/>





I wanted to have a dynamic numbering

, maybe in other cases it should be like this ( for example when subreportB is empty )








And in other cases they don't have to be numbers, maybe symbols...


You know what I mean?



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