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Groups and page breaks

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By: Chuck Deal - cdeal

Groups and page breaks

2002-12-13 11:21

I have one group on my report. The group is set to repeat group header on each page. It is NOT set to start a new page when the group is reset. I display the value of the group in the group header. For example, my groups rupture on change of the priority field and I display the value of priority on the group header.


I have a case where my group header is on the top of the page displaying the correct value for priority. However, when the detail section finished for this group, there was just enough information to fit the group header for the next group on the bottom of the page (containing the correct value for the next group). The problem is that when the next page was displayed, it showed the previous group's priority value. After clicking next again, I then received the correct value in the group header.


Can anyone else verify this behavior?





By: Albert L. - looks

RE: Groups and page breaks

2002-12-13 23:03



In your group, where the header is 'mis-print' use the minHeightToStartNewPage attribute and define a value that roughtly correspondent to a line of your detail printing (maybe 20 to 50 or more).


I guess that this will also make sure the group header never be "left alone" at the bottom of the page like what you got.


Some early experimental using minHeightToStartNewPage solves my problem similar to yours. Pls feedback if this solve your problem also. I'm interested to know if that attribute pin-point to this kind of issue.

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