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error when using 'where-clause' as parameter

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By: elis - pelis

error when using 'where-clause' as parameter

2002-12-11 10:06

Hi Wolfgang,


First of all thanks for your response. That's exactly

what I want to accomplish, build the where clause

in my parent application.

I am doing that now but I get an error when the

xml report is being compiled.

When this line is executed:

JasperCompileManager.compileReportToFile (

xmlReport );

I get the error:

dori.jasper.engine.JRException: Errors were

encountered when compiling report design:

statementlist.java:24: ';' expected.


private JRFillParameter parameter_where-clause

= null;




1 error
















at StListReportCompiler.<init>



at StListReportCompiler.main



I don't know where the ; (semicolon) is missing



Following is what I'm doing on my xml file based

on your suggestion. Maybe I'm doing something

wrong here:


<parameter name="where-clause"




pp.field_2 TRANSIT,

pp.field_3 ACCOUNT,

pp.field_4 CYCLE,

pp.field_20 GROUP_NO,

pp.field_21 GROUP_NAME,

pp.field_25 COURIER,

pp.field_29 FAX,

pp.field_31 FAX_NUMBER


from public_properties pp


order by pp.field_2



The 'where-clause' that I build in my application is:


String whereClause= "where pp.field_1 = '" +

transit + "' and pp.field_2 = '" + account + "'";


'transit' and 'account' hold the values entered from

the user.


I'll appreciate it if you can help me solve this








By: Wolfgang - javabreak

RE: error when using 'where-clause' as parame

2002-12-11 10:24

Hi Elis,


try to use where 1=1 in the report query-String and remove the "where"-command in your parameter.


By the way. Which version you are using?


Jasper try's to generate a prepared-statement, but I don't know if it try this before or after fill in your where-clause.






By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: error when using 'where-clause' as parameter

2002-12-11 23:15




Name your parameter "where_clause" instead

of "where-clause".

The names you supply to parameters, fields,

variables and groups are used to define real Java

variables and the '-' character is not supported

in the Java naming conventions.


Thank you,


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