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Barcodes goes easy.

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By: robert - cvg0127

Barcodes goes easy.

2002-08-29 18:31

Hi all,


Inserting a barcode is easy.

1. Make a scriptlet.

2. Scriptlet creates an Image object.

3. Then several vertical stripes have to be painted on the image.

4. Now the image object has to be assigned to jasper variable. Something like "setVariableValue ("barCode", .....);"

5. Just remember that jasper report variable has to be of the "java.awt.Image" type.

6. The image expression is: <imageExpression class="java.awt.Image">$V{barCode}</imageExpression>

Now, does anyboy know how to successfully insert the scriptlet into the combination of jboss and webworks?

Please, help.



By: Srinivas Miriyala - miriyala

RE: Barcodes goes easy.

2002-10-11 14:52

Hello Robert,


Is it possible to post some sample code on how to create image and to paint vertical bars on the image using scriptlet. I undertsand the concept but not sure how to do it programatically.


Any help in this matter is highly appreciated.


Best Regards




By: Boris Klug - bklug

RE: Barcodes goes easy.

2002-12-10 09:49

Yes! Please provide us with sample sourcecode!

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