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getting error in Average and Standard Deviation


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I am using iReport 1.2.4. in that I had made report in which some mathematical calculation are involved such as Average, Standard Deviations etc ..

NOTE: Following Error had been noticed while doing statistical calculations in I Report, the same Values compared with correct values of statically calculations and sent for your verifications


For example:

Actual calculation iReport calculation

3.8 3.8

3.7 3.7

3.6 3.6

3.7 3.7

3.6 3.6Average 3.68 3.7

S.D 0.083666 0.1

I am getting different average and standard deviation for the same value.. can any body help me

is this bug or some other error.. please any one help me

thanks in advance…

[file name=error-8ac1c92b36a483be40f3df5eef0decae.doc size=27706]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/files/error-8ac1c92b36a483be40f3df5eef0decae.doc[/file]

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